Permits & Planning

Permits & Planning

Election / Elección

Exercise your right to vote in Texas! Check your registration status, learn how to register, and know what you’ll need on election day.


Application for place on the ballot
Political Advertising
Fair Campaign Practices Act
Code of Fair Campaign Practices
For CTA-Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate
Form CTA-Instruction Guide
ACTA – Amended Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer
ACTA – Instruction Guide
C/OH – Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report
C/OH Instruction Guilde
CIS – Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement
CIQ – Conflict of Interest Questionaire

Texas Ethics Commission Rules

**As required by the Legislature, the Texas Ethics Commission adopted Forms CIS and CIQ.  Please note that the Texas Ethics Commission does NOT have jurisdiction to interpret or enforce Chapter 176 of the Government Code; that responsibility rests with the local filing authority.  

Also, please note that these forms are filed with the City Secretary and NOT with the Texas Ethics Commission.